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Patrol Request

Residents may request a patrol to check on their homes while they are away for extended periods of time or have other issues. Officers from the Nisswa Police Department will physically check a resident’s home. 

Nisswa Police Department cannot guarantee the safety of a resident’s home in their absence, but can provide additional security.  Note: The housewatch program excludes apartments and/or condominiums.

To request a patrol watch, please fill out the form below at least 5 days prior to leaving. You will receive an email acknowledging your request. In the event you do not receive a confirmation email with in the 5 days, or you need a last minute house watch, please call the Nisswa Police Department at (218) 829-4749. You may also stop by the Nisswa Police Department and fill out a request in person.



Address Line 2:

City or Town:



Where will you / owner be?

Date and time leaving:

Date and time returning:

Will you be leaving any lights on?
 Yes           No
If Yes, please state which lights will be left on:

Will there be any vehicle (s) left at your home? 
 Yes           No
If Yes, please describe the vehicle(s).

Will any pets be left at the property?
 Yes           No
If Yes, please describe:

Has your mail/paper been stopped?
 Yes           No

Will your walk and/or driveway be plowed/shoveld while gone?
 Yes           No

Have neighbors been alerted?
 Yes           No

Emergency Contact Person(s) and Phone Number(s):

Will anyone have an extra key to your home?
 Yes           No
If Yes, name and contact information of person(s):

Will this person have cause to be in your or at home home (i.e. watering plants, etc)?
 Yes           No
Description of person and vehicle of who have key(s) (age, gender, hair color, height, make, model, color, etc)

Additional Comments:

By submitting this form, I understand that the Nisswa Police Department cannot keep my residence, business, or other property under surveillance 24 hours a day.

I therefore, absolve the Nisswa Police Department of any responsibility and/or liability should my residence, business or property be entered and loss of or damage occurs. 



5442 city hall street • PO box 410 • Nisswa mn 56468phone: 218.963.4444Fax: 218.963.3108